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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Snake Skin - WREA Yellow Lace

Wine Red Eye Albino aka WREA is very unique gene of a fish that personally like very much. It looks like grey eye fish from a distance but when you take a close look at the fish, it has red eyes. The intensity of the redness of the eyes defer from each strain of WREA strain. Take a closer look at the pictures.

Comparing to my previous post on the yellow lace, it is relatively mild and light coloured. This WREA yellow lace created from the same line of my previous post. It has transformed into a golden shine of yellow with a Wine Red Eye Albino look not loosing the clear snakeskin pattern on the body.

Snake Skin - DT Line 8

This is one of my favorite Red Lace Snakeskin - DT Red Lace as it has one of the best intense red colour and a very triangle tail. It has a very nice thick red dorsal with patterns evenly spread out with clear chain link markings. Looking at the photos, the young fish has a very good deportment and pleasing to any hobbyists.

Snake Skin - DT Red Lace line 1

This line of red lace has a very fine snake skin pattern and it has won 1st place the Aquarama 2007 under the snakeskin lace category.

Sharing some nice pictures of the premium lace line.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Solid Colour - Moscow Blue

I have decided to change my method of taking photos again (hoping to improve my photo taking skills ... haha). To take a nice photo of a blue fish, a blue or black background, it did not help bring out the true colour of the fish.

This is one of the best Moscow Blue I have seen and this strain has recently won the Aquarama 2007 Champion and 1st Runner up in the solid colour (moscow) class.

The colour is evenly spread out with its intense blue colour and strong body built. Once it fans out its tail, the fish deportment is absolutely perfect. It took me awhile to get the correct setting and get the fish on the camera. It is not an easy to capture a blue colour fish to show its true colour as it will always turn out green on picture.

Enjoy this beautiful fish.