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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Grass - Red Grass

In keeping grass (strain), there will be mix of blue grass, red grass and blau. Red grass is one of the less appreciated fish (for most people) when it is compared to its counterpart – blue grass. Nonetheless, I do find that it is interesting and good to introduce this fish to all of you. If I happen to spot a nice blau guppy from my grass collection, I will then share with you.

At a young tender age of 3 months, this red grass has a thick body and it has a very good potential of a show fish with its tail and deportment. It also shows very fine and dense spots on its tail which is a true feature of a grass.
I personally like the dorsal which is thick and "upward standing". This caught my attention when I was doing my regular rounds to feed my fishes so I took it out for a photo shoot.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Flamingo Red – 佛拉名格

Recently, many breeders I know are in the trend of using this fish as tool fish for development of their red fishes.

This fish does not stand out in its not fully covered (red) compared to the Full Red. Nonetheless, it has a very well built body size which the albino Full Red cannot achieve. Another nice feature of this fish is the tail spread, its tail is very wide and delta. The nicest feature I personally fine in this fish is its dorsal. It is thick, upward standing and broad. Comparing to some fishes, the dorsal are long thing and “clamped”. This adds to the deportment of the fish and it portrays a confident look.
Some pictures of the younger fishes which are about 10 – 12 weeks old.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Snake Skin - WREA Yellow Lace

Wine Red Eye Albino aka WREA is very unique gene of a fish that personally like very much. It looks like grey eye fish from a distance but when you take a close look at the fish, it has red eyes. The intensity of the redness of the eyes defer from each strain of WREA strain. Take a closer look at the pictures.

Comparing to my previous post on the yellow lace, it is relatively mild and light coloured. This WREA yellow lace created from the same line of my previous post. It has transformed into a golden shine of yellow with a Wine Red Eye Albino look not loosing the clear snakeskin pattern on the body.

Snake Skin - DT Line 8

This is one of my favorite Red Lace Snakeskin - DT Red Lace as it has one of the best intense red colour and a very triangle tail. It has a very nice thick red dorsal with patterns evenly spread out with clear chain link markings. Looking at the photos, the young fish has a very good deportment and pleasing to any hobbyists.

Snake Skin - DT Red Lace line 1

This line of red lace has a very fine snake skin pattern and it has won 1st place the Aquarama 2007 under the snakeskin lace category.

Sharing some nice pictures of the premium lace line.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Solid Colour - Moscow Blue

I have decided to change my method of taking photos again (hoping to improve my photo taking skills ... haha). To take a nice photo of a blue fish, a blue or black background, it did not help bring out the true colour of the fish.

This is one of the best Moscow Blue I have seen and this strain has recently won the Aquarama 2007 Champion and 1st Runner up in the solid colour (moscow) class.

The colour is evenly spread out with its intense blue colour and strong body built. Once it fans out its tail, the fish deportment is absolutely perfect. It took me awhile to get the correct setting and get the fish on the camera. It is not an easy to capture a blue colour fish to show its true colour as it will always turn out green on picture.

Enjoy this beautiful fish.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Snakeskin - Yellow Lace (Swallow Genes)

Another not so popular lace or snakeskin pattern fish is the Yellow Lace. Why is the yellow lace not popular? When you place a red lace and a yellow lace side by side, the red based fish will stand out better than the yellow based fish. The majority of us will naturally go for a more striking colour fish when you are keeping guppies. This is why the yellow lace is neglected. Nonetheless, this fish is a very useful and powerful fish if you know how to make full use of its potential.

Most of the yellow laces have a vertical bar across the body making it look like a medusa. This yellow lace has a very nice patterned body that makes me like this strain for its patterns.

As this fish is has shown the "torn" fins, these are traits of the swallow genes. A good show quality swallow fish must show at least 5 "extensions" from its tail and projecting an overall appealing image of the fish.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Snakeskin - Metal Red Lace

This line of Metal Red Lace has a distinct metal with a nice snake skin with clear body patterns. The tail is broad and extra big. It is about 3 months old and the tail has not totally fanned out to a extra big triangle tail fish. Look out for the clear competition grade fish updates in the future months to come.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Snake Skin - German Red Lace Round Tail

I personally like this cute short round tail guppy which is so active when the male gets older. This short tail type of male guppies have a less tendency of a hunch back unlike the delta tail counter parts.
It is also less prone to tail burn or fin rot as compared to the big broad fan tail guppies. It is a good choice for people who have little time to care for their guppies or newbies who are starting off the hobby to fancy guppy.