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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Solid Colour - Albino Full Red

My albino full reds. Needless to explain more, the body, the tail and the head is red in colour. The eyes too are red because they are albinos.

For reds, I keep 2 strains. 1 the albino full red and the golden full red. The golden full red will be featured in the next round of updates. There are 2 versions of golden full reds, the albino version and the grey eyes version so stay tuned.

Solid Colour - Full Black - Line 1

The next series, I shall introduce some of my solid colour fishes. I will start with my full black and full red.

Firstly, the full black. This line I am showing is definitely jet black and it is due to the reflection of the camera flash that caused the tail to be a little bluish.

If you take a close look at the fins, it is 100% black to the tip of the head. I simply love the detla tail of the young fishes.

The full blacks featured in the 2 photos are from 2 different batches. I have 3 different lines of full blacks and close to blacks are the Moscow deep blues. I have another 2 lines of Moscow blues which I will feature them in the later stage.