All about Guppies - 孔雀魚部落格

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Snakeskin - Yellow Lace (Swallow Genes)

Another not so popular lace or snakeskin pattern fish is the Yellow Lace. Why is the yellow lace not popular? When you place a red lace and a yellow lace side by side, the red based fish will stand out better than the yellow based fish. The majority of us will naturally go for a more striking colour fish when you are keeping guppies. This is why the yellow lace is neglected. Nonetheless, this fish is a very useful and powerful fish if you know how to make full use of its potential.

Most of the yellow laces have a vertical bar across the body making it look like a medusa. This yellow lace has a very nice patterned body that makes me like this strain for its patterns.

As this fish is has shown the "torn" fins, these are traits of the swallow genes. A good show quality swallow fish must show at least 5 "extensions" from its tail and projecting an overall appealing image of the fish.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Snakeskin - Metal Red Lace

This line of Metal Red Lace has a distinct metal with a nice snake skin with clear body patterns. The tail is broad and extra big. It is about 3 months old and the tail has not totally fanned out to a extra big triangle tail fish. Look out for the clear competition grade fish updates in the future months to come.