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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Metal Red Lace - Delta tail

This is metal red lace Delta tail. It has a very thick dorsal and a triangular tail. the body shape of the fish is also very "thick". Makes the fish look solid! These are photos of 2 different fishes of different generations.

My Creation - Platinum Yellow Lace

This is one of my creation of Platinum Yellow lace. The first picture is one of the them when young. The second one is when they are grown up. The source used for crossing is definitely not a LFS genes as you can see from the development. It is made in Taiwan and assembled in Singapore! So it is a Singapore product.

I simply love the tail pattern. I am working more on the body pattern to refine them to fine snakeskin body. Most of them have stable regular patterns and tails already. Wait for my future development!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Metal Red Lace - Swallow genes

This is my Metal Red Lace - Line 3. It is a swallow gene fish.

What is swallow genes? Swallow genes means the tail or fins has some of the "extensions" perturding outwards.

Can swallow genes be found in regular males? Yes. In a swallow genes batch of fries, there will be some males and females that look perfectly normal like the regular delta fishes. But the genes are in them and the next generation will still have swallow genes and some fishes will still show the trait of the genes physically.

Can swallow genes be "lost"? Yes. Thru selective breeding, and by choosing the non-swallow trait male
and the non-swallow trait female, the genes can be lost thru generations.

Can swallow male breed? It depends on where the swallow is. If the swallow male has long penducle, it will not be breedable male. If it has a regular penducle, it is breedable like all other male fishes.

German Red Lace - Line 4

I have about 6 lines of GRLs. This is a remarkable German Red Lace line that is the 1st runner up (snake skin - Class 4) in the 2005 National Guppy Competition. One of the rare pieces that have soild fine laces fully covered without "eyes" on the body or tail.

Albino Red Lace - Oh My Baby !!!!

This is one of my most precious and desired strain. I have been preserving it for about 6 generations. The rare albino metal red lace. The metal head is so strong that it becomes a purple head when it is albino. The delta is so big too! What more can I say about it? The picture tells you all.